Reverse Genetics – TILLING

RevGenUK is a TILLING service offered by the John Innes Centre to the plant science research community.

We find mutations in your favourite gene

We currently offer TILLING in our Brassicaceae populations (B. rapa R-o-18, B. napus Cabriolet, B. oleracea DH1012 and Capsella rubella) and in the model legumes Lotus japonicus Gifu, L. japonicus MG20 and Medicago truncatula A17. Our comprehensive service includes target selection and gene-specific primer design, TILLING by capillary sequencing and provision of seeds from selected mutants. We can obtain rice mutants for you via collaborators in China and wheat via collaborators at JIC.

An in silico Brassica rapa mutation-finding resource from targeted re-sequencing of ca. 1000 lines is also available




Our TILLING populations







History of RevGenUK


The John Innes Centre has been involved in TILLING since 2001. Originally established in Norwich by The Sainsbury Laboratory, TILLING was run as a joint programme between the two Institutes for seven years and opened up to serve the worldwide model legume community in 2003 with an especial focus on symbioses. Since the birth of RevGenUK in 2008, it has been a wholly JIC venture and has branched out to cover other species, mainly brassicas. Throughout this whole period it was generously supported by the BBSRC.  In 2015, the platform was integrated into JIC’s technology facilities, but remained as a service to the international plant science community.


The technologies used have changed over the years from gel-based separation systems, to capillary systems, both using enzymatic cleavage, but most recently have employed exome capture and next-generation sequencing to catalogue all the induced mutations in a genome.