• TILLING is sweet: see Lin et al. Nature doi:10.1038/nature13082 March 2014

Welcome to RevGenUK

The John Innes Centre (JIC) is at the forefront of reverse genetics through its establishment of TILLING and de-TILLING technologies in model legumes. Reverse genetics involves making a change to a specific gene, seeing what effect this has, and so working out the gene’s normal function.  We aim to develop these into a biological and bioinformatics resource for the wider plant scientific community via the RevGenUK project, providing an integrated reverse genetics platform for model plants. 

RevGenUK aims to be "A 'single-stop' shop for use in functional genomics research consisting of an efficient, self-sustaining, extendable service for reverse genetics."

Currently (Spring 2014), TILLING is available in Lotus japonicus 'Gifu' and 'MG20', Medicago truncatula 'Jemalong A17', Brassica rapa 'R-o-18, B. napus 'Cabriolet', Capsella rubella and Triticum aestivum (tetraploid, 'Kronos'; hexaploid, Uauy et al. BMC Plant Biology 9:115, 2009). Coming soon, B. oleracea 'DH1012'.

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