What We Offer

We offer a bespoke TILLING service on our populations of mutagenized model and crop species. You let us know what gene you would like to investigate and we will pick the optimum region to TILL, design the primers, carry out the TILLING and return to you a list of mutations. You can then pick the mutations you are interested in and request seeds of the lines bearing those mutations.  We call this a conventional TILL for which we charge £3100 (academic rate; for non-academic rates, please contact us). Before you do this, please check using our databases that your gene has not already been TILLed. If it has, select your mutations and send us an order.


We also have populations of re-sequenced lines (with suffix RS) and for these all you have to do is search the database for mutations in your gene of interest.  You can then request these and we will send you seeds of up to five lines for a small handling charge £250 (academic rate).


If you would like to develop your own populations for TILLING, either for you or us to carry out TILLING, please get in contact with us.


For full details of costs, policies and terms and conditions see our ‘Service costs and documentation’ page.


What information we need from you


If you would like us to carry out a conventional TILL for you, please contact us and send us your full details (if you are not the budget holder, we will need their details as well), and the full genomic and coding sequence of your gene of interest.  If you have a particular target region in the gene that you are particularly interested in, please let us know.  We will send you an order request for signing and once returned we will start the TILL.

On completion of the TILL we will send you an invoice. Once the invoice is paid, we will send you your seed. We also request that you cite RevGenUK as the provider of the mutants in any publications about the materials we supply.

Collectively we have more than 20 years of experience in TILLING for plant mutants.

Come to us for an expert service in mutation discovery or advice

Ordering is simple. Just let us know the gene you are interested in and provide the sequence information