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Information on our TILLING populations is publicly available through our website.

Click on your species of interest to bring up a list of genes and then click on the gene to discover the mutations that have been found, then click on the mutation for further information. You can then click ‘Request’ in the pop-up to request the material. For the Brassica rapa population you have two choices: searching the re-sequenced lines (with the RS suffix); searching conventional TILLs. The two do not always return the same mutations. For the resequenced lines it is best to search on the gene name as there are a large number of genes recorded.

If you do not find your gene of interest do contact us as data is not released immediately upon completing a TILL. Some material is also restricted.

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Brassica rapa resequencing

Browse the mutations in over 1,000 B. rapa R-o-18 lines identified using exome capture.  Mutations are presented in a genome browser aligned to the B. rapa Chiifu v1.2 reference assembly and annotation.

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